The Benefits Of Golf Club Hire When Abroad

What are the benefits of golf club hire when abroad? Every golfer looks forward to the time when they can hop on a plane and play a few rounds in a foreign country. But there’s always one question that weighs on their mind when booking the sun-soaked getaway: should you take your own equipment or hire it there? While you may be fond of your own gear, it can’t be denied that there are numerous benefits of golf club hire. Here are just four to think about:

Damage or loss

The majority of people consider their golf clubs to be their prized possession. And why not? Golfers generally put plenty of thought into the purchase of their equipment and part with a large sum of cash in the process. However, anyone who takes their clubs abroad risks them becoming damaged or lost in transit. This could put a dampener on your trip before it’s even managed to get underway.  


It’s generally going to be more cost-efficient to hire clubs rather than take your own. After all, airlines usually implement steep charges for people who wish to travel with their own equipment. More often than not, this will greatly exceed the cost of renting the clubs abroad. As well, you’ll probably face an additional hike on your travel insurance premium if you carry golf equipment. You can rent golf club hire in the Algarve from as little as 30,00 euros per set.  


Holidays are a time to treat yourself and experience new things. This can easily be achieved when you hire your golf clubs because you open yourself up for trying a wide variety of different manufacturers. Just some of the brands to choose from include TaylorMade, Callaway, Mizuno and Wilson. You never know, the change of clubs might even suit your swing.  


It’s so simple to arrange to rent your golf clubs. In fact, you can book and pay online to start the process. The clubs will then arrive at your hotel, villa or apartment when you touch down in the country. It’s much more relaxing than lugging all your equipment from your home, to the airport and then to your accommodation. All golf club hire and trolley hire includes free delivery. Let the golfing begin!! You should experience all of these benefits – and many more – when you hire your golfing equipment abroad. The only thing left to do is hit the course and enjoy a few rounds!