Golf Putting Tips

Does your drive travel for miles and miles? As soon as you go to take a short distance putt do you start to zone out and your lack of concentration takes you to the other side of the green? Are you always on target to score a birdie or par but are then let down at the last minute by an ‘all too easy’ shot? Follow some putting techniques and put them into practice with this golf putting tips and advice.


Don’t rush into the putt

A lot of people baulk under the pressure from their competitors, looking impatient and ready to move on to the next hole while you are still playing. Zone out from what they are doing and make your only focus the ball and the hole. Even when you have a short putt, don’t think you can sink the ball without having practised the shot first. Certainly, everyone has been faced with a time when they missed a putt that could have been done ‘with your eyes closed’.

Try a warm-up technique

Before you even line up your shot with your putter, stand over the ball and focus on the bottom of the flagpole until you are absolutely sure of its location. Then close your eyes and raise your two index fingers to where you think the target is. Open your eyes and assess how far away your fingers are from the flagpole. Make a note of where you aimed for, as this will help you avoid over or under-hitting the ball.


Before the putt

Now you are with your putter, look at the distance of the shot from standing halfway between the ball and the flag. This will help you get a better feel of the distance of the putt. Always read the slopes and have a practice shot before stepping up to the ball.

Line and aim drill

Draw a line around the circumference of your golf ball and aim this line and your putter at the middle of the hole. Take your normal stance and check that the line is still aiming at the hole. Ensure your eyes are directly over the ball, this is a big fault many amateurs make. If this is you, this drill will help you find a more solid address position. Once you are lined up correctly you will feel more confident in making a smooth sound stroke.

Follow the putter through the stroke

A common mistake many people make is not completing a full putt swing. This stroke is exactly the same as that of a driving shot – the putter must follow the ball to where you want it to go. If you stop short, then it is no surprise that the ball will either stop short or go too far.

Make sure your putter is your friend

Before you even step onto the golf course, make sure you are happy with the feel of your putter. It needs to move as one with your arms, almost as an extension of them. At Ace Golf Club Hire we have a wide selection of putters in stock, from manufacturers such as Scotty Cameron, Odyssey and TaylorMade with a variety of blade and mallet styles, putter lengths and grips. Let us know your preference when booking and we will do our best to ensure you have the right putter for you!