New Lynx Predator Range now available at Ace Golf Club Hire

If you were playing golf in the 1990’s then you will no doubt remember the Lynx brand together with the “Black Cat” logo, which had worldwide renown and reputation as a Winner’s brand, with its famous players – Freddie Couples and Ernie Els most notably. In 2010, after nearly a 20-year disappearance of the brand, the company was brought to the attention of husband & wife team,  Steve Elford and Stephanie Zinser-Elford who were then owners of the Lynx Trade Marks for UK and Europe, Chester Hunt. Despite the disappearance of the Brand, Steve and Stephanie decided that there was a brand worth resurrecting; that still carried the kudos, the reputation and the strength to succeed once again in what was by now an intensely competitive market, in the worst recessionary climate that the financial world had seen in decades.

Lynx Heritage

Recognising the huge past that Lynx had, and with a sympathy to the perception of strength that they believed still lay dormant within it, they agreed to license the TM through their partnership, Charles Claire LLP.  By April 2013, Charles Claire LLP had grown a staff of 16 personnel, with a UK-wide network of Area Sales Managers, three warehousing facilities, a custom-fit centre and two mobile Demo units. With heavy but judiciously-applied and carefully-managed investment, the Brand was starting to see significant recognition within the UK, having gained over 400 accounts within 12 months, and the Company then made a successful bid for outright ownership of the Lynx marque. “Understandably, each territorial market may vary, but here are the assets we believe Lynx carries”, says Steve….. Heritage – the history of having been a world brand, winners behind it such as Ernie Els and Fred Couples Innovation – Lynx has always been famed for innovation, the original “Boom Boom” metal woods being just one such innovation. Strong Brand Graphics and Name – ‘Lynx’ plus the cat logo are a brand designer’s dream. Strong, simple but highly identifiable graphic logo which lends itself well to colour and other permutations; the ‘cat’ theme which carries strong synonyms and personification qualities as well as actionable and word associations that have many positive connotations; a readily spoken, monosyllabic brand name, which sounds aurally strong and positive from a linguistic perspective.  

Ace Golf Club Hire are very excited to announce that we now have in stock the 2016 Lynx Predator irons available to hire in both Men’s steel & graphite together with the Parallax range of woods. In addition, we have the ladies Tigress range. All of these are available for hire throughout the Algarve and the Huelva region of the Costa de la Luz. 4-day Hire costs just €40 and a weekly hire is €50 and includes FREE DELIVERY to your hotel, villa or apartment.